Call for paper 2nd ELHN conference

Second Conference of the European Labour History Network (ELHN)

Deuxième Congrès du Réseau Européen d’Histoire du Travail

Paris, France, 2-4 November 2017 /2-4 novembre 2017

Working Group “Long-term History of Remuneration”/ Groupe de travail  “L’évolution des modes de rémunération sur la longue durée ”

Call for Papers /Appel à communications

for the session/pour la session

Words of remuneration / Mots des rémunérations

Coordinators/Coordinateurs : Michel Pigenet (Université Paris I-Sorbonne Pantheon), Leda Papastefanaki (University of Ioannina)

Call for Papers       

In the Second Conference of the European Labour History Network in Paris, France (2-4 November 2017), we will have the occasion for a second session of the Working Group on “Long-term History of Remuneration”. The Working Group wish to elaborate the subject “Words of remuneration”. As the network intends to develop the comparative and entangled approaches in the history or remuneration, possible areas of discussion are proposed to include (but not limited to):

- the registry of the vocabulary and the concepts that they are used on remuneration. The study of the concepts’ genealogy, their evolution and spread should make possible a better definition of the values, conceptions and hierarchies that underlie them.

- the historical formation of concepts such as “salary”, “wage”, “payment”, “wage earners”.

- the descriptions of the various modes and systems of remuneration, the procedures and  norms which prevail payment of remuneration, and the forms and levels of socialized wages.

The Conference in Paris is expected to update the discussion and chart the progress of this necessary -for any comparative approach- question on the vocabulary of labour remuneration. Please send an abstract of max. 300 words to the organizers Leda Papastefanaki and Michel Pigenet before January 28th 2017 using the following e-mail addresses:,,, .